BlueZoo delivers accurate, privacy-protecting, and cost-efficient measurement of the presence and movement of people, including occupancy, dwell time, unique visitors, and traffic flow.

BlueZoo passively measures the presence of mobile phones as a proxy for people. Sensors are delivered as custom hardware, but can also be deployed as firmware-only.

Our purpose-built dashboard simplifies analysis and anomaly detection. Users derive insights from fine-grain data that are recorded in a cloud-based data warehouse and from real time alerts.

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Different options to meet different needs

BlueZoo measurement can be deployed in three ways.


Our standard compact enclosure allows for simple physical integration or discreet on-site placement.


Our ceiling-mount enclosure allows customers to utilize various power and communication options.


We can also deploy as an application running on digital displays, monitoring systems, and other connected devices.

Respect consumer privacy. And GDPR.

BlueZoo was designed from the ground up to satisfy Europe’s stringent privacy regulations.

We have been certified by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany, to conform to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and are re-certified biennially.

An integrated service

BlueZoo brings together hardware sensors, cloud analytics, and visualization tools to instrument buildings, inside and out.

Our solutions allow customers to measure continuously to build an occupancy baseline, then identify outliers:  both high and low risk.

Global reach

We process billions of human contacts per year, using cloud clusters on three continents. Our customers include leading brands in advertising, retail, and dining services, from SMBs to F-500 enterprises. We’re the world’s leading provider of WiFi-based visitor counting and our technology is protected by 5 United States patents.

mobile device probes processed since 2018

Highly accurate

Highly accurate with excellent scaling to many hundreds of concurrent visitors per sensor

Privacy friendly

No personal info is captured—only the presence of a mobile phone

Easy to install

Connect the sensor to the internet and see realtime counts in our mobile app

Analytics dashboards and APIs

Fine-grain data are maintained in a data warehouse for detailed analysis

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