48,000,000,000 Probes Processed

Recently BlueZoo processed our 48 billionth mobile device probe. The data collected from thousands and thousands of sensors located inside and outside of buildings has become a critical differentiating factor driving our measurement accuracy.

Using this incredible corpus of data we have developed a half-dozen computational methods which are applied to the ground truth data to minimize the mean square error across all sample points. In the statistical counterpart of curve-fitting, we match the exact entrance/exit data with sensor data, scaling the data to achieve a good fit, and deducing the ground truth at the outset of the measured entrance/exit sequence.

Our ‘experience moat’ of data and insights continues to grow and our measurement accuracy continues to improve. Learn more about our technology, our sensors, and our recently announced optical sensors and stay tuned for more news on upcoming patents which add to our already impressive list of patents.



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