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Owners of out-of-home advertising media, like JCDecaux, use BlueZoo to measure consumer impressions. BlueZoo sensors are mounted on “street furniture” and report foot traffic, giving advertisers confidence that prices are justified.

Foot traffic on the pavement varies by time of day, and day of week. BlueZoo tracks visit and visitor counts at a 15-minute grain. But advertisers value unique visitor reach, as well as impressions. To calculate unique visitor reach and unique visitor recurrence, BlueZoo uses advanced analytics to maintain a rolling sum of unique visitors over the course of an advertising campaign, whether a day, a week, a month, or a custom period.

BlueZoo makes it easy to estimate when campaign saturation is reached and therefore when a new ad should be introduced. In the following example, the Cumulative number of unique visitors reaches a plateau on September 18, corresponding to the day when New Reach drops to zero.

Measurement of unique visitors makes it possible to measure recurrence frequency. BlueZoo measures the recurring visits of unique visitors and can report them daily or at multi-day intervals. In the following chart, recurrence is aggregated into bins of 1, 2, 3, and 4+ visits during the campaign period.

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