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ePrivacy seal - GDPR compliance

Consumer Privacy Begins at the Moment of Product Design

BlueZoo was an early adopter of the concepts enshrined in GDPR. ePrivacy granted BlueZoo its first ePrivacyseal EU in 2018. The BlueZoo products were subsequently reviewed to renew certification in 2021 and most recently on April 19, 2023.

Granular Measurement as a Strategic Differentiator

Knowledge starts with data, but how do you ensure that the data you collect is the right data? How do you know that the data you collect is accurate, and that it is specific enough to be useful? How do you know that your data is uniquely owned by you and creates differentiation?

Linkett migration program

Linkett Selects BlueZoo as Exclusive Migration Partner

As Adomni announced that it will sunset Linkett’s Wi-Fi-based out-of-home audience measurement product, we collaborate to offer a migration program for Linkett customers to transition to the BlueZoo solution.

Solution for pDOOH

BlueZoo Introduces Per-Minute Analytics for pDOOH Market

BlueZoo, the innovator in foot traffic measurement and analytics solutions, today announced at the New York Digital Signage Week the availability of its enhanced analytics for Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (pDOOH) advertising, providing minute-grain impression data of individual advertising assets.

BlueZoo to be Featured at Iconic TechCrunch Disrupt

Andrea Le Vot, Chief Data Protection Officer at BlueZoo, will deliver a demo showing how we are revolutionizing the property insurance industry with AI and Cloud – and doing so while actually protecting people’s privacy.

Location Tracking Spyware

The Death of Location Tracking Spyware

In the past few months, Apple and Google have both announced major upgrades to their mobile operating systems, and it’s bad news for spyware built into mobile apps.

BlueZoo Notified of Sixth Patent Approval

On July 12, 2021 we were informed that our sixth patent was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Patent application 2019 / 0172096 A1, “Mobile Device Detection and Tracking” approval demonstrates our ongoing technology leadership and reflects our commitment to innovate for the benefit of our customers…

Bill Evans Featured at Google ‘Founder Fridays’ for Data and AI

Bill Evans – BlueZoo’s CEO – was featured in Google Founder Fridays event to talk about how insurers can extend the Usage Based Insurance (UBI) model to commercial property using BlueZoo occupancy sensors, both Wi-Fi and optical. Human presence is one of the key risk factors for commercial properties…

The Road to Embedded Insurance

Like Thanos, most experts believe that embedded insurance is ‘inevitable’. The interesting questions are when and how we get there. In automobile insurance, we already see the likes of Tesla moving aggressively into the game, with Elon recently claiming insurance might one day represent “30% to 40% of Tesla’s automobile business.”

AI in P&C Insurance: Why Now is the Right Time

Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades, but over the last few years it has become an indispensable part of any company strategy. Why is now the right time for insurers to double down on artificial intelligence? What are the drivers and enablers that can’t be ignored, and how can insurers distinguish reality from hype?

UBI Refunds Imposed by State Regulators: How Do They Calculate Use?

Did you receive your check? …maybe even several, from your insurer? Your share of the $13Bn that was paid to insurance customers in 2020? Maybe you deposited the payments and thought “Fantastic, I’ve been paying insurance forever and finally I get a rebate because I’m a good risk.” Did it take a pandemic to bring this to your attention?

48,000,000,000 Probes Processed

Recently BlueZoo processed our 48 billionth mobile device probe. The data collected from thousands and thousands of sensors located inside and outside of buildings has become a critical differentiating factor driving our measurement accuracy. Using this incredible corpus of data we have developed a half-dozen computational methods to hone our results.

BlueZoo AI Solution Showcased at Google I/O 2021

Google showcased BlueZoo’s new optical sensors as an example of how to leverage Coral Edge TPUs, cloud computing, and breakthroughs in machine learning to monitor the occupancy and improve the safety of buildings.vIn the demo CMOS optical sensors are used as smart threshold counters – differentiating between employees and customers.

ePrivacy has Re-certified BlueZoo for GDPR Compliance

Privacy protection is at the heart of all BlueZoo occupancy measurement solutions and we are thrilled to report that ePrivacy, the leading European GDPR certification agency, has re-certified BlueZoo to be compliant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). ePrivacy, based in Germany, is the agency that has similarly certified the products of companies including Salesforce and Oracle. All BlueZoo products have successfully completed their biennial recertification, valid until January 2023.

BlueFox heat map

The new BlueFox dashboard is live!

The new foot-traffic analytics dashboard has hundreds of improvements and upgrades. Here are a few highlights:  A slick new Web

Signagelive DSE booth demo

SignageLive CTO Marc Benson gave a video tour of the company’s partner solutions, showcased at its booth at DSE, including

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