BlueFox 2022 Delivers More Accurate Foot Traffic Measurement and Advanced Visualizations to Realize Insights More Quickly

Google BigQuery data warehouse simplifies visualization of trends; new calibration tools further improve accuracy

BlueZoo, the innovator in foot traffic measurement and analytics solutions, today announced BlueFox 2022, the next-generation solution to measure the presence and movement of people. BlueFox 2022 delivers a new integrated data warehouse, powerful new analytics dashboards, advanced user roles, and a mobile application to accelerate sensor calibration, making it easy to realize insights about people, movement, and crowds. Like all BlueZoo products, BlueFox 2022 is GDPR-certified and the choice of global brands that care about privacy.

Effective occupancy measurement requires accurate, anonymous, and affordable solutions. BlueFox sensor technologies deliver the best combination of accuracy and cost, while maintaining complete privacy.  As deployments grow in size, instant visualization of fine-grain historical data benefits from the scalability of BigQuery, and BlueFox’s mobile app speeds sensor calibration, accelerating time-to-value.

Integrated Data Warehouse and Rapid Sensor Calibration

BlueFox 2022 unlocks customer insights by delivering an integrated data warehouse built on Google’s BigQuery. The new data warehouse provides access to fine grained historical data and makes it easy to work with third party data analytics tools. 

Crowd measurement accuracy relies on sensor calibration to help the sensor distinguish between mobile phones inside and outside the target detection zone. BlueFox 2022 delivers a new mobile application to streamline the collection of ground truth data. The mobile app cuts ground truth collection time by more than 90% while increasing accuracy, and simplifies the sensor audit process. 

“The unique and reliable BlueFox data makes it quick and easy to identify business trends and help to transform retail stores as register receipts are not always a good proxy for consumer traffic,” says Daniel Gasser, Head of Product Line Video Service at Swisscom. “We also appreciate the ability to integrate BlueFox data into other databases, using industry-standard SQL.”

Enterprise Analytics Dashboard and User Controls

Built on top of the new data warehouse is a set of all new interactive dashboards for sophisticated comparisons across sensors, locations, and time. The new dashboard permits visualizations of visitors, visits, dwell time, unique visitor recurrence, and several advanced metrics.  Enterprise access control features role-based access control and two-factor authentication ensure that data is protected but also easily accessible to the right person at the right time. 

“BlueFox’s new tools for sensor calibration both improve measurement accuracy and reduce the time needed to deploy new locations,” explains Claude Sabourin, Director of Business Development at SCHOT, BlueZoo’s value-added distributor for China and South-East Asia. “Wi-Fi occupancy measurement is more accurate than solutions that rely on mobile phone apps.. Wi-Fi also better protects privacy and is more cost-effective than camera solutions because a single sensor can measure occupancy in areas up to 150,000 sqft (15,000 sqm).”

“We at BlueZoo are excited to deliver these major new capabilities to our customers across out-of-home advertising, retail, and insurance industries,” said Bill Evans, BlueZoo CEO.  “As technologies for cloud computing and machine learning evolve, BlueZoo continues to expand and refine our solutions to measure the presence and movement of people, while respecting consumer privacy.”


BlueFox 2022 is planned to become generally available this quarter.  The new release is available today in preview.  Schedule a live demo at: .

About BlueZoo, Inc. 

BlueZoo Inc. delivers foot traffic analytics services to customers in the out-of-home advertising, retail, and insurance industries.  BlueZoo has deployed thousands of sensors to hundreds of customers throughout the world and its products are protected by 6 patents.  Customers include JCDecaux, Sodexo, and Cedarville University.  All BlueZoo products are GDPR compliant and regularly audited by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany.  BlueZoo is based in Menlo Park, California, and is funded by Fusion Fund.



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