BlueZoo introduces its social distancing solution for BrightSign players

BlueFox has teamed up with BrightSign to offer a comprehensive social distancing solution for companies and organizations having to manage strict capacity guidelines in public and private places.

Combining BlueFox’s Social Distancing product with BrightSign’s digital signage media players, businesses having to promote social distancing in their public areas – stores, offices, restaurants, cafeterias, etc. – can measure real-time occupancy rates at all of their affected locations, and manage incoming traffic by displaying informational messages on live screens placed at the entrance of each location.

This solution is an automated alternative to dedicating staff at entrances for the purpose of managing incoming and outgoing traffic.

BlueFox’s patented technology – available as an extension installed into the BrightSign player – senses all mobile devices located within a range of up to 100 feet (30 meters) and reports back how many mobile phones are detected within the space.

The system then notifies an on-site team immediately when the number of people present exceeds a preset threshold. At the same time, it triggers the local digital signage to update its messaging based on this data.

BlueFox supports the full range of BrightSign Series-3 and Series-4 players featuring the WiFi/Bluetooth Module.

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