BlueZoo Introduces Per-Minute Analytics for pDOOH Market

Advertising impressions are delivered from BlueZoo’s BigQuery data warehouse

New York City. BlueZoo, the innovator in foot traffic measurement and analytics solutions, today announced at the New York Digital Signage Week the availability of its enhanced analytics for Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (pDOOH) advertising, providing minute-grain impression data of individual advertising assets.

Out-of-Home advertising companies, such as JCDecaux, have relied on BlueZoo’s BlueFox solution for years to accurately measure advertising impressions and quantify unique reach. With the development of programmatic advertising, media companies need to report impressions for every ad that runs consecutively on digital signages. 

“These new analytics, provided by BlueZoo’s BlueFox solution, allow agencies to accurately report the number of impressions for each ad,” said Bill Evans, BlueZoo’s CEO, “allowing billing based on the number of people in the opportunity-to-see range.”

Minute-grain impression data are maintained in a BigQuery data warehouse.  Current and historical data are available for rapid retrieval and comparative analytics.


BlueZoo measures the numbers of people in the detection zone by counting mobile phones as a proxy.  Neither the phone’s telephone number nor the user’s name is detected or recorded.  All BlueZoo products are GDPR compliant and regularly audited by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany.

Unlike GPS-based mobile phone tracking solutions, BlueZoo products do not require any mobile app to be installed on the mobile phones of consumers, and no information other than the presence of a mobile phone is collected. Because GPS privileges on the consumer’s mobile phone are not required, the BlueZoo product is not impacted by GPS-usage restrictions (e.g. “only while the application is being used”) introduced by Apple for iOS and Google for Android.

Availability & Pricing

This new BlueFox metric is available now as a beta product. During the beta period, current customers can activate the feature at no-cost by sending a request to BlueZoo’s customer success team. Subscription cost of the Count, High-Frequency Option is $9/month per sensor (paid annually).

About BlueZoo, Inc. BlueZoo Inc. delivers foot traffic analytics services to customers in the out-of-home advertising, retail, and insurance industries.  BlueZoo has deployed thousands of sensors to hundreds of customers throughout the world and its products are protected by 6 patents.  Customers include JCDecaux, Sodexo, and Cedarville University.  All BlueZoo products are GDPR compliant and regularly audited by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany.  BlueZoo is based in Menlo Park, California, and is funded by Fusion Fund.



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