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Using BlueZoo products, customers increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

The JCDecaux Group is the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide. This case study describes how JCDecaux used BlueZoo to measure the drive-to-store impact of an advertising campaign in ION Orchard mall in Singapore. Measuring the uplift in store visits due to advertising quantified the value of the campaign.

Executive Channel Network (ECN), a world-leading Digital Out of Home (DOOH) office media publisher, accurately measures opportunities-to-see in ECN’s core operating markets in the UK, France, and Germany using BlueZoo solutions. 

Sodexo is the world’s second largest food services company, with annual worldwide revenues of $26B. Sodexo estimates a dramatic 2% reduction in operating costs based on boosted efficiencies. They also improve customer service by reducing wait times and making it easy for diners to choose the least-crowded dining facility.

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Westlake Ace uses a single BlueZoo sensor to measure the occupancy of their 43,000 square-foot store to prevent overcrowding, and to protect the health of both customers and employees. Ace saves money because staff are needed to control entry only when occupancy reaches the county-set occupancy limit.

Cedarville University has seven locations where students can go to get their food and uses BlueZoo to broadcast the occupancy of each dining location to students via the University website. Once deployed with real time occupancy data, Cedarville’s CrowdChecker web app was the most popular page on Cedarville’s website.

By measuring the foot traffic – in a privacy-friendly manner – in Parinor shopping mall bathrooms, Hammerson, one of the leading European shopping center owners, reduced its cleaning service cost by 20% while improving its service quality.

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