Hammerson Parinor foot traffic analytics in Parisian shopping center

Hammerson Group develops, owns, and operates retail properties in Europe, including a portfolio of flagship shopping centers and premium outlets, providing approximately 1.8 million square meters (19 million square feet) of space for brands across seven countries.

The Group’s property portfolio comprises 20 flagship shopping centers in the United Kingdom, France and Ireland and investments in nine premium outlets across Europe through its holdings in Value Retail.

Hammerson’s shopping malls organize seasonal events on a regular basis to drive traffic and make their properties more than just a shopping destination. One of the key success criteria of these events is foot-traffic. For this purpose, Hammerson relies on the BlueZoo solution and uses it to measure footfall at events such as the Klein Expo at Nice Etoile or the seasonal ice skating rink at the Parinor shopping center, north of Paris (pronounced like “Paris Nord” is pronounced in French).

Parinor’s objectives were to maximize cleanliness of their bathrooms at minimum cost. They wanted to increase cleaning frequency during heavy use, but engage reduced janitorial services when visits were few. To make data-driven decisions, Parinor needed to measure bathroom foot traffic at their two bathroom locations: one near-by the Carrefour supermarket, and another on the other side of the Parinor shopping mall.

“Hammerson is a very data-focused company,” said Sarah Zerouali, Hammerson General Manager at Parinor. “BlueZoo provided us with the precise footfall data to make the right management decision for a better service to our customers at a lower cost to our organization.”

“This adjustment resulted in both a service quality improvement and a cost reduction of 20%.”

BlueZoo foot traffic measurement sensors were selected because they are privacy-friendly and cost effective: one BlueZoo sensor could cover both women’s and men’s bathrooms. After several weeks of foot-traffic measurement, two key takeaways from the foot traffic data were that, first, the restrooms close to the supermarket were the more highly used and, second, there were clear patterns of traffic during the day and across the days of the week.

The cleaning service contractor had historically assigned one staffer full-time to bathroom cleaning during mall opening hours. With sensor information in hand, Parinor team was able to adjust the janitorial service to be more frequent during peak times and and less frequent during early and late hours, when traffic to the restrooms is very low.

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