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Audience and foot-traffic measurement for BrightSign media players

BrightSign digital signage

BrightSign, the global market leader in digital signage media players, and BlueZoo, the leader in Passive Wi-Fi audience measurement, have partnered to offer BlueZoo’s audience measurement solution as an “extension” on BrightSign’s media players.  This software extension, installed on the BrightSign media player, eliminates the need for BlueZoo sensor hardware.

The integrated solution allows customers to measure the number of impressions generated by digital signage or the real-time occupancy of a location such as a retail store or a restaurant. The BlueZoo service also measures visitor dwell time, as well as the number of unique visitors and their revisit frequency.

All measurements are performed in a manner that protects consumer privacy.  The BlueZoo service is certified to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) promulgated by the European Union.

BrightSign’s BrightAuthor:connected CMS can feature BlueZoo’s real-time occupancy counts on the digital signage and changes in screen content can be triggered (by a BlueZoo webhook) when occupancy reaches a specific threshold.

BlueZoo first supported BrightSign Series 3 players in 2018 and announced Series 5 support in 2024.

Series 3Series 4Series 5
BrightSign XCXC2055, XC4055
(beta through Q2 2024)
BrightSign XTXT3XT4XT245, XT1145, XT2145
(beta through Q2 2024)
BrightSign XDXD3XD4XD235, XD1035
(beta through Q2 2024)
BrightSign HDHD3, HO523HD4HD225, HD1025
(beta through Q2 2024)
BrightSign LSLS3LS4LS425, LS445
(beta through Q2 2024)

Read our helpdesk articles for technical information and contact our team to get started using BlueZoo on BrightSign!

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