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Built to provide real-time information and control

BlueZoo mobile applications on Android and iPhone provide real-time data including real-time visitor count, total visits each day, and visit history.  BlueZoo apps are also used to deploy sensors, including collecting “ground truth” data that is the basis of sensor calibration.  BlueZoo’s assisted calibration capabilities give our sensors the ability to measure occupancy at 90% accuracy…and audit those measurements.

The BlueZoo mobile applications provide a subset of the available BlueZoo foot traffic metrics. Robust data analytics reporting functionality is available using the BlueZoo web dashboard. These same metrics and more are available using the BlueZoo APIs which make possible customer-designed custom dashboards.  All three, the mobile apps, the dashboards, and the APIs all access fine-grain historical data in BlueZoo’s BigQuery data warehouse.

BlueZoo mobile applications provide the ability to deploy and manage BlueZoo sensors. Once an account is activated, a smartphone camera reads the QR code on the bottom of the sensor to associate that sensor with the account.

BlueZoo customers can then use the mobile application to name or rename a sensor location, configure business hours, set alerts for maximum occupancy, and set alerts if a sensor goes offline. The mobile application supports iOS and Android push notifications, SMS notifications, and email notifications for each sensor location.

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