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Answering questions for...
Office Buildings

"What are accurate occupancy figures for this office building?"
"Has the use of this property changed over time?"
"What's the ratio of visitors to employees?"

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Answering questions for...

"Are the ballrooms ever crowded beyond limits set by the Fire Marshal?"
"What are the bar and lounge occupancies late in the evening?"
"When is the lobby most crowded?"

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Answering questions for...
Small Businesses

"Does the use of the business correspond to the policy?"
"How do occupancy trends compare to other businesses of the same type?"
"Is the business vacant?"

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Usage Based Insurance for Property & CGI

BlueZoo helps commercial property insurers leverage the best practices of usage-based insurance (UBI) to better measure risks at a property.  

Advance from react & repair to predict & prevent.  Insurers can both better price policies and collaborate with insureds to reduce risk.

  • Know true occupancy numbers, continuously
  • Compare occupancy rates across same-type  businesses to identify outliers
  • More accurately price premiums
  • Work with tenants to remediate risk

Telematics for Buildings

Sending Risk Analysts to visit a property once each year isn’t a substitute for continuously measuring building use.

You can now know when building occupancy patterns have changed, signalling a change in property use.  Compare occupancy to a baseline of similar buildings, inexpensively and consistently, to identify and inspect outliers.

Respect consumer privacy. And GDPR.

BlueZoo was designed from the ground up to satisfy Europe’s stringent privacy regulations.

We have been certified by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany, to conform to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and are re-certified biennially.

Collect and share useful data.

BlueZoo occupancy data helps insurers measure risk.


The data is also useful to real estate operators and tenants. Insurers can share insights with insureds as a loyalty incentive.

An Integrated Service

BlueZoo brings together hardware sensors, cloud analytics, and visualization tools to instrument buildings, inside and out.

Measure continuously to build an occupancy baseline.  Identify the outliers:  both high and low risk.

Collaborate with insureds to prevent claims.

Built for Real-world Problems


Small Businesses

A single sensor can measure occupancy in most small businesses.


Hotels and Hospitality

Measure occupancy and alert insureds to overcrowding.

OOH Advertising

Office Buildings & Logistics

Understand the scale and variability of foot traffic.

Global Reach

We process billions of human contacts per year, using cloud clusters on three continents. Our customers include leading brands in advertising, retail, and dining services, from SMBs to F-500 enterprises. We’re the world’s leading provider of WiFi-based visitor counting and our technology is protected by 5 United States patents.


Highly accurate

Highly accurate with excellent scaling to many hundreds of concurrent visitors per sensor

Privacy friendly

No personal info is captured—only the presence of a mobile phone

Easy to install

Connect the sensor to the internet and see realtime counts in our mobile app

Analytics dashboards and APIs

Fine-grain data are maintained in a data warehouse for detailed analysis

Get started today

Reach out to us — we’re here to help.

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