Foot-traffic analytics dashboard update

Earlier this week, BlueFox rolled out an updated version of our dashboard, featuring new foot-traffic analytics charts. We have added these new charts for both individual sensors as well as any defined group of sensors.

Visualize peak times – First, we included a color-coded heat map that lets you visualize at a glance peak times of one or several locations. Here’s what it looks like:

Identify peak hours and days – Second, we introduced a “best-performing” widget to identify the top-five hours and days within any specified period, for one sensor or a group of sensors.

Rank your top-five locations – For groups of sensors, we’re offering a “Top Sensors” widget, which ranks your top-five locations, those generating the most visits or impressions.

Organize your dashboard quickly and easily – With all these great widgets, it’s nice to be able to control which ones you use and how they’re organized. We’ve introduced an easy way to do exactly that. You can enable or disable your dashboard widgets and organize the visibility of the charts and the order that the charts are displayed on your dashboard. The visibility is set using an off/on switch for each chart. The chart order is set by dragging the element up or down in the settings panel.​

Your upgrade is automatic – As usual, customers will get these foot-traffic analytics dashboard upgrades automatically at their next login.

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