Another month, another web dashboard update!

A new version of our foot-traffic dashboard was rolled out at the end of January, bringing new features and enhancements.

Conversion Window comparison widgetThe Conversion Comparison widget allows you to compare the conversion ratio of a group of sensors. BlueFox analytics reports both the inner range, traffic close to the digital signage or within the shop, and the outer range, traffic that passes by. The conversion ratio measures the attractiveness of a digital signage or store window. This widget allows you to quickly compare this ratio for your digital signages, kiosks, or stores.

BlueFox Retail Sample ReportA summary report in PDF format has long been available for all your sensor KPIs using the BlueFox solution. Now, it is possible to receive the same reports targeted for a subset of your sensors. You can configure the report to be delivered to your contact email monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Additionally, you can set opening hours for each sensor, so the pdf report only includes foot-traffic data when you have staff in your kiosk, popup store, etc.

We are especially happy with our heat map widget reporting hourly performance. The heat map display is available for individual sensor locations, and it is provided for any group sensors as an aggregate summary. The data is available for download in CSV format.

BlueFox heat map

We will spare you from the long list of smaller enhancements as well as bug fixes (yes, it may happen!) here and there. Stay tuned for our next update!



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