ePrivacy has Re-certified BlueZoo for GDPR Compliance

Privacy protection is at the heart of all BlueZoo foot traffic analytics solutions and we are thrilled to report that ePrivacy, the leading European GDPR certification agency, has re-certified BlueZoo to be compliant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). ePrivacy, based in Germany, is the agency that has similarly certified the products of companies including Salesforce and Oracle.

All BlueZoo products, including Count, Analyze, Convert, Flow, Engage, as well as Party Squasher, have successfully completed their biennial recertification, valid until January 2023.

GDPR is a critical requirement for BlueZoo customers in Europe. But GDPR regulations extend beyond European Economic Area (EEA) boundaries and apply to any organisation that targets EEA citizens, in any geography.  More importantly, privacy regulations, inspired by GDPR, have expanded around the world (e.g. CCPA in California), making GDPR  a de facto international standard. Meeting GDPR’s strict requirements is effectively a guarantee to be privacy compliant in almost any country.

While many companies claim GDPR compliance, only a few succeed in actual certification.  Claims of compliance, without external audit and successful certification, are just that: claims, like any other unsubstantiated marketing assertion.  

Since its inception, BlueZoo integrated the “privacy by design” principle and put in place a dedicated team to ensure that our solutions would meet compliance standards. We were proud to be one of the first companies to be certified compliant by ePrivacy on February 27, 2018, more than two months before GDPR came into force.

See ePrivacy certification of BlueZoo products

Credit: Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash



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