Linkett Selects BlueZoo as Exclusive Migration Partner

Earlier this month, Adomni announced that it will sunset Linkett’s Wi-Fi-based out-of-home audience measurement product in Q3 2023.  They recommend that Linkett customers transition to the BlueZoo solution.  Adomni will retain the other products in the Linkett/Adstash portfolio.

Linkett, one of the pioneers in Wi-Fi-based advertising impressions measurement, was founded in Canada in 2013 by Douglas Lusted.   Linkett build a successful market presence in the US, Canada, and the UK before being acquired by Las Vegas-based Adomni in October 2022.

Both the Linkett and BlueZoo OOH audience measurement solutions are Wi-Fi based, providing both accuracy and GDPR-compliant privacy protection. With a smaller physical foot-print, BlueZoo hardware sensors can conveniently replace existing Linkett sensors, or BlueZoo sensors can be deployed as software on media players, such as BrightSign.  Like the Linkett sensor, the BlueZoo sensor can either use ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular modems for internet backhaul.  The BlueZoo hardware can be  powered via an outlet, USB-power port, or PoE.

What to expect

BlueZoo is offering special products and pricing to current Linkett customers, providing similar or better analytics, all accessible via a web dashboard, APIs, or SQL queries to BlueZoo’s data warehouse.  BlueZoo will honor negotiated prices that customers have established with Linkett.  Contact us to receive BlueZoo sensors (about half the size of Linkett sensors) to replace your existing sensors.  

Visitor (real-time count)1-hour granularity15-min (+ optional 1-min) granularity
Impressions/visits1-hour granularity15-min granularity
Dwell time1-hour granularity15-min granularity
Visit frequencyPer sensorPer sensor or group of sensors (optional)
Unique visitor countPer sensorPer sensor or group of sensors (optional)
Data delivery
Web dashboardYesYes
Data download (CSV)YesYes
Data retention12-monthsPerpetual
ReportingYes (URL based)Yes (Q1 2023)
Data access security
Multi-user accessYesYes
Multi-factor authenticationNoYes
Sensor hardware
Sensor size3.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches2.2 x 2.2 x 0.9 inches
Internet backhaulEthernet/Wi-Fi (+ optional Cellular)Ethernet/Wi-Fi (+ optional Cellular)
Power15 W2 W
Sensor external antenna option
Warranty1 yearPerpetual
Response time7 days3 days (or 1 business days, optional)
Communication modesEmailEmail (+ optional telephone)
As part of our agreement with Linkett, BlueZoo will match each customer’s current Linkett subscription price: contact us to learn more about the Linkett migration program. 



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