About us

Origins and Mission

BlueZoo’s mission is to use technology to deliver a safer world. 

People in buildings represent risk – risk that can finally be measured, predicted, and prevented. Only recently have developments in computer vision and machine learning, Wi-Fi sensing, cloud computing, semiconductor design and edge computing made measurement cost effective while also providing complete privacy protection.

The development of BlueZoo’s occupancy measurement technology began when Jan-Willem Korver used off-the-shelf wireless routers to implement the concept with a combination of innovative firmware and cloud software.

Early customers were concentrated in the advertising and hospitality industries.  Innovators like Sodexo, a world leader in food service, used the technology to measure occupancy in their restaurants to better manage food production and reduce waste and expense. JCDecaux, the world leader in out-of-home advertising, first used the service to measure opportunity-to-see at street furniture in Hong Kong. Not until usage-based insurance up-ended the automotive insurance industry, did insurers discover that occupancy measurement was key to introducing usage-based insurance in the commercial property market.

Today, BlueZoo Inc delivers services to commercial property and casualty insurers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Our technology is protected by 5 patents and our products are GDPR-certified by ePrivacy, a leading European privacy specialist, based in Hamburg, Germany.

In addition to BlueZoo’s primary business in commercial property insurance, BlueZoo operates two other divisions that leverage our occupancy measurement technology.  

“Party Squasher” delivers solutions for managers of short-term rental properties, like those marketed through Airbnb and VRBO. Party Squasher is a party prevention solution that alerts hosts via SMS or email when the occupancy of a property exceeds a pre-set limit.  Users of Party Squasher Standard can manage sensors at a dozen properties with an iPhone/Android mobile app. Users of Party Squasher Pro, typically management companies, manage up to 1,500 short-term rental properties with a combination of our mobile app and a specialized Pro web dashboard.

“BlueFox” delivers solutions for the retail, hospitality, and out-of-home advertising industries. The BlueFox products delivers more advanced metrics, have more sophisticated mechanisms for calibration, offer web dashboards, and support for third-party analytics tools like Tableau. Our customers range from small-and-medium businesses to Fortune-500 organizations.

BlueZoo headquarters are in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park), but our team is worldwide.