Origins and mission

BlueZoo’s mission is to measure the presence and movement of people

BlueZoo measures the presence and movement of people in a manner that:

  • Is accurate
  • Is privacy-protecting and GDPR-compliant
  • Is cost-effective and scalable

The development of BlueZoo’s occupancy measurement technology began in 2013 when Jan-Willem Korver used off-the-shelf wireless routers to prove the concept of using Wi-Fi to measure occupancy with a combination of innovative firmware and cloud software.

Our first customers were in the out-of-home advertising industry. JCDecaux, the world leader in out-of-home advertising, first used the service to measure opportunity-to-see at street furniture in Hong Kong. Advertising pricing is based on the number of people that see the media (reach) and the number of times they see it (frequency).

Innovators like Sodexo, a world leader in food service, used the technology to measure occupancy in their restaurants to better manage food production and reduce waste and expense. Retail customers adopted BlueZoo for two purposes: measuring foot traffic within their stores and measuring opportunities-to-see for in-store advertising. In-store advertising is most often digital signage provided to the brands that sell in the store.

Not until usage-based insurance up-ended the automotive insurance industry, did insurers discover that occupancy measurement was key to introducing usage-based insurance in the commercial property market. The Hartford used BlueZoo to pioneer occupancy metrics for commercial general liability.

One special insurance use case is management of short-term rental properties, like those marketed through Airbnb and VRBO. BlueZoo’s Party Squasher product is used to prevent parties, an unwelcome source of property damage, neighborhood disruption, and even violence.

BlueZoo Inc. acquired the assets of BlueFox Inc. in 2020 and the BlueFox brand was retired in 2023. Today, BlueZoo Inc delivers services to customers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Our technology is protected by 6 US patents and our products are GDPR-certified by ePrivacy, a leading European privacy specialist, based in Hamburg, Germany. BlueZoo headquarters are in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park), but our team is worldwide.

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