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48,000,000,000 Probes Processed

Recently BlueZoo processed our 48 billionth mobile device probe. The data collected from thousands and thousands of sensors located inside and outside of buildings has become a critical differentiating factor driving our measurement accuracy. Using this incredible corpus of data we have developed a half-dozen computational methods to hone our results.

BlueZoo AI Solution Showcased at Google I/O 2021

Google showcased BlueZoo’s new optical sensors as an example of how to leverage Coral Edge TPUs, cloud computing, and breakthroughs in machine learning to monitor the occupancy and improve the safety of buildings.vIn the demo CMOS optical sensors are used as smart threshold counters – differentiating between employees and customers.

ePrivacy has Re-certified BlueZoo for GDPR Compliance

Privacy protection is at the heart of all BlueZoo occupancy measurement solutions and we are thrilled to report that ePrivacy, the leading European GDPR certification agency, has re-certified BlueZoo to be compliant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). ePrivacy, based in Germany, is the agency that has similarly certified the products of companies including Salesforce and Oracle. All BlueZoo products have successfully completed their biennial recertification, valid until January 2023.

Cafeteria using BlueFox occupancy solution for Social Distancing

How BlueZoo Helps Sodexo Regain Normalcy in a Socially Distant World

Putting safety and security is at the forefront for Sodexo as they start to reopen its restaurants and respecting social distancing measures plays an important role in ensuring a safe environment for their employees, clients and customers.    Monitoring traffic flow is key.  The BlueFox Count solution notifies onsite teams promptly

People counter sensor