Party Squasher Extends SafePro Program to Include Guest Screening Solutions for Short-term Rental Properties 

SafePro Guest Screening partners join Insurance partners to protect property owners before, during, and after a guest visit

BlueZoo Inc., maker of Party Squasher, the first occupancy measurement technology designed expressly for short-term rental properties, announced an extension of its SafePro initiative today to include guest screening solutions. Guest screening solutions deploy technology to identify risky bookings in order to prevent problems before the stay is confirmed. Now through SafePro, protection is delivered before, during, and after a booking via pre-visit guest screening, Party Squasher monitoring, and Insurance that is specifically designed for the short-term rental business. 

Guest screening services collect information about prospective visitors and use sophisticated heuristics and analytics to assess the risk of the request. The process includes background checks, identification verification, and fraud detection heuristics, such as when and where the booking request originated, to determine the riskiness of the request. Autohost guest screening is the first screening partner announced in the new SafePro program.

“Autohost guest screening mitigates risk and protects properties by verifying that your guest is actually who they say they are,” said Roy Firestein, CEO of Autohost. “We are thrilled to be a charter member of the SafePro program to bring together the best of screening, monitoring, and insurance so that property owners can comprehensively manage problems caused by parties and overcrowding.”

The SafePro Program was initially launched to help insurers understand and mitigate risks from overcrowding. Through the initial program, rental operators avoid damage and insurers avoid claims that result from crowds and parties at short-term rental properties. Insurers announced in the launch include Proper Insurance, Property Protect, and Relax Damage Waiver. 

New to the SafePro Program is Safely, the leading insurtech and guest screening solution for the vacation and short-term rental industry. “Safely alleviates that anxiety that a homeowner feels when renting their home to a stranger on the internet. Our holistic approach answers the questions of who is staying in the home and what happens when something goes wrong,” said Lui King, COO at Safely. “By joining the Party Squasher SafePro program, we can eliminate the worst guests prior to the stay, stop parties before they start, and insure the stay for the unexpected.

“Stopping parties at rentals requires a comprehensive approach involving each step of the rental journey,” said Fred Renard, SVP of Sales at BlueZoo. “In extending the SafePro Program to include guest screening technologies, the industry finally has a complete approach to avoid, stop, and recover from parties and overcrowding.”

Property Managers can learn more about Party Squasher solutions and how to protect their properties before, during and after the stay at: 

About Party Squasher

Party Squasher products are dedicated to protecting properties, hosts, and guests in the short-term rental ecosystem. Party Squasher is a product family from Wi-Fi innovator BlueZoo Inc, a Silicon Valley-based technology company that delivers foot traffic analytics products, including occupancy measurement. BlueZoo’s other product families deliver solutions to the insurance, hospitality, advertising, and real estate industries. BlueZoo has deployed thousands of sensors to hundreds of customers throughout the world.  BlueZoo is funded by Fusion Fund and its advanced technology is protected by six USPTO patents.



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