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The BlueZoo family of products is flexible and adaptive, providing options to suit a wide range of business needs and circumstances.

Customers can focus on foot traffic monitoring (through the use of BlueZoo sensors), data collection and analysis (using our cloud services), or setup, configuration, and servicing (via our different support tiers).


BlueZoo’s cloud services deliver continuous and granular measurement data, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our base measurement services start at $25/month and include full access to our mobile app, our web dashboard, direct SQL access to our data warehouse, and access to all of our API services.

Count is our base service and is included with every BlueZoo subscription. Other cloud services available at an additional cost include High Frequency, Analyze, Convert, and Flow.

BlueZoo sensor technology can be deployed either as low-power hardware… BlueZoo’s range of hardware sensors start at $150/sensor. Our sensors are passively-operating, low-power devices with no moving parts, and are designed to last 10 years. All of our devices are warrantied by BlueZoo for as long as you have a valid BlueZoo subscription. Optional hardware add-ons include modems for cellular backhaul, and external antennas which can be either omni-directional or directional. Specialized brackets, enclosures, and PoE splitters/injectors are also available.

Gold-level support is included with all monthly subscriptions, and enhanced Platinum-level support is available at an additional cost. Other services delivered by BlueZoo Professional Services or a certified partner include installation, configuration, and campaign optimization.

How to buy

BlueZoo sells through a combination of direct sales and certified reseller channel partners. Volume discounts start at 10 units, and multi year subscription discounts are available.

To learn more about how to buy or to directly purchase BlueZoo solutions contact us today.

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