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BlueZoo Analyze delivers more advanced insights to decision makers. Measurements include visitor dwell time, window conversion, unique visitors, and unique visitor recurrence. These metrics allow business to understand the aggregate behavior of all visitors. Analyze also delivers these metrics across sensors, aggregating data (e.g. group dwell time) across sensor locations for ready comparison.


Counts of unique visitors provide different information than counts of visitors. The latter simply provides snapshots at a moment in time of the number of people in a space. Industries like advertising value “new” visitors differently than repeat visitors, because unique visitors is a more precise measurement of “ad reach.”

Dwell times provide insight into consumer behavior in locations such as retail stores or restaurants. Are consumers stopping briefly to browse, or are they stopping longer for a purchase? At an airport it answers the question of “How long did people wait in line?”  Correlating dwell times with register data will provide insight into the number of people leaving without a purchase.

Visitor recurrence, the percentage of unique visitors that have previously visited the location, reports the frequency of return visits. Analyze reports frequency in bins of 1, 2, 3, and 4 or more visits during the period under study.

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