BlueZoo helps retailers measure foot traffic to improve conversions, margins, and operations

As retailers know, higher foot traffic leads to higher sales. Understanding foot traffic patterns is the first step to increasing traffic and increasing sales. An added benefit of better understanding the patterns of shopper movement is the ability to improve in-store operations, such merchandising and promotions. Finally, understanding the presence and movement of people in-store provides data to make decisions such as staffing and operating hours.

BlueZoo’s patented foot traffic measurement solutions measure shoppers and browsers, and provide hard data to improve conversions, margins and operations.

The unique value of foot traffic data

Retailers and hospitality service providers deal with consumers, often in large numbers. Traditional measurements of consumer demand have looked at historical point-of-sale data. This approach comes from the observation that the fraction of shoppers that make a purchase is steady for many businesses, such as in the grocery category.

However, many categories have much lower and much more variable converted shopper ratios which makes heuristics based on POS data less relevant. Additionally, the shopper-to-buyer ratio only looks at historical data. It can’t tell you if your store is encountering a surge in foot traffic in real-time. BlueZoo measures the first three attributes.

BlueZoo delivers accurate and real-time measurements so that you can make better decisions on stocking, staffing, operating hours, and even in-store promotions.

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Improving guest experiences

BlueZoo measures occupancy at bricks and mortar locations. Retailers, cafeterias, restaurants and bars know in real-time how many customers are at or near their location. When a store gets busy, even before a line forms at the point-of-sale, staff can be alerted to leave the back room and provide service to customers either as they shop, or as they move to make their purchases. Additionally, by knowing how busy a destination is ahead of time, consumers such as shoppers or diners can plan visits to avoid disappointment that may result from overcrowding.

Organizations with multiple on-site dining establishments use BlueZoo to publish occupancy rates, so diners can check their mobile phones before choosing a place to eat. Additionally, displaying occupancy or wait times at the entry helps set diner expectations and improves satisfaction. LinkedIn, Cedarville University, and East Tennessee University have improved guest experiences with BlueZoo measurement and analytics solutions in this way.

Saving money through improved operations

Retail staff costs account for between 15% and 30% of a typical retailer’s gross sales. Store Managers often struggle to find the right balance between delivering good customer service and attaining low-cost store operations. Accurate staffing decisions are key to finding the right balance.

BlueZoo captures historical and real-time visitor data and delivers insights to Store Managers to help them make the best staffing decisions to maximize store profits. When crowd shopping trends shift, so can store staff hours. Similarly, when overall crowds shift, operating hours can also shift to best take advantage of the changes. For example, a late night customer rush appears due to a live event in the area, or a slowdown in visitors in the mornings due to local road work. In both examples, changes in visits would be recognized and store hours could then change to match the new pattern.

Improving in-store marketing performance

In-store promotions seek to convert browsers to buyers and increase basket size, product mix, and margins.

Better data about visits and visitors to your store help you make better decisions about what, when, and where to deliver your promotions. BlueZoo delivers historical and real-time dashboards showering when store visitors arrive, how long they linger and where in your store they travel. Using this information, you can make decisions about placement of products and in-store promotions to deliver relevant and timely promotions to the right browsers at the right time.

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