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Maximize profits by adjusting costs to match demand

One major benefit of occupancy measurement is to be able to precisely measure demand before a customer arrives at the cash register. Even a few minutes advance warning can help a store to reallocate staff to cashiers and preserve high levels of customer service.

Combining store foot-traffic data with sales transactions and staff counts allows BlueZoo customers in retail and hospitality to understand the times of day when conversion rates decline, perhaps due to understaffing. Conversely, times of day when a floor is overstaffed become apparent if conversion rates have plateaued.

On corporate and university campuses, overall location foot-traffic can be measured, giving trends to on-site restaurants about the expected attendance they will expect a few hours later.

This information gives time to restaurant staff to adjust their food preparation.

Sodexo, the global food services provider, uses BlueZoo to minimize food waste and maximize profits. Sodexo estimates that BlueZoo Count and Analytics reduces food waste by 2% in cafeterias and restaurants that use the technology.

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As another example of how to leverage BlueZoo analytics to optimize operations, Hammerson, one of the leading European shopping center owners, measured the foot traffic to its Parinor mall to reduce its cleaning service cost by 20% while improving its service quality.

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