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Support tiers

Our support services are delivered by BlueZoo staff in Silicon Valley, France, and Singapore during local business hours in each geography. Support teams are product experts, and are experienced in troubleshooting network and other environmental issues.

Gold Support Tier

  • Response time: 3 business days
  • Support staff as available
  • Communication via email

Platinum Support Tier

  • Response time: 1 business day
  • Named support engineer
  • Communication via email or telephone

Visit for a a list of the most frequently asked questions, as well as links to BlueZoo and third-party resources. Customers can also use to submit new support tickets or follow-up on an existing tickets.

Our pages are useful as a source for sample code using BlueZoo APIs.

Professional services

Professional services are available to deliver custom display screens or support custom application development with BlueZoo APIs.  While we think that our APIs are exceptionally well-crafted and easy to use, there always is a learning curve to adopt any new technology.

Our professional services engineers can help you get started to minimize the time needed to deliver your solution.  Even just a few hours spent by one of our engineers can dramatically accelerate deployment.  

Contact your BlueZoo account manager or send us a message describing your requirements.

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