Granular Measurement as a Strategic Differentiator

Knowledge is power. Knowledge starts with data, but how do you ensure that the data you collect is the right data? How do you know that the data you collect is accurate, and that it is specific enough to be useful? How do you know that your data is uniquely owned by you and creates differentiation?

Data that leads to insights and differentiation in audience measurement should be granular, real, robust, unique, and should protect the privacy of your audience. 

Let’s look at these key tenants of differentiation:

  • Granular. The system should gather specific, real-time data 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365 days per year from every screen in your network. BlueZoo’s continuous and granular measurement helps you make the best decisions based on specific, granular traffic flows.
  • Real. The collected data should not be estimated, averaged, or ‘enhanced’ data. Instead, it should be an accurate, real measurement of real people that is grounded on actual observation. Many solutions deliver estimates based on sampling while BlueZoo’s solutions deliver real counting of real people, and are easily auditable.
  • Robust. The system should support indoor, wide-area, directional measurement. BlueZoo’s solutions work flawlessly indoors (where cellular signals are often blocked/unreliable) and can cover regions as large as 30,000 sq feet. Directional antennas deliver region, zone, room, or threshold measurements providing the best audience insights.
  • Unique. To enable differentiation, the system should deliver data that is exclusively available to you. If you can buy location data from a service, so can your competitors, your suppliers, and your customers. BlueZoo’s data and insights are yours and only yours.
  • Privacy Protecting. The system should protect the privacy of your audiences. BlueZoo’s solutions are 100% GDPR compliant while still delivering accurate and timely measurement, minimizing concerns about potential legal or regulatory penalties.

The BlueZoo system stores your data in a cloud data warehouse that is robust and easily accessible. The collected data is granular, real, robust and proprietary to you. The system is easily auditable and protects individual’s privacy.

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