What’s the Difference Between DOOH Analytics and Measurement?

A lot has been written about the impact of programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) advertising on brands, advertisers, media buyers, and on the networks themselves. Core to delivering a successful pDOOH business are measurement and analytics, however these terms are often conflated. Let’s explore the important differences between measurement and analytics

Measurement is the baseline gathering of data about your audience and the performance of your ads. Measurement is the heart of any system and must be accurate, low cost, and protect privacy. When collected in a proprietary manner, it can become a significant asset for both the ad network and the advertiser. The measurement should be granular and should be accurate. Accurate measurement is the foundation of a successful pDOOH system because from it you make optimization decisions, and as we all know if the foundation of a house is weak, the entire structure could crumble. 

Analytics is the processing of data to deliver insights – such as trends about your locations and audience. Analytics typically combines data from multiple sources such as from the base data (location, content, time) with onsite data (impressions, visits, dwell time). Good out-of-home advertising analytics solutions don’t just identify trends and insights that you are looking for, but find surprising relationships and opportunities.  

BlueZoo’s Wi-Fi sensing technology (protected by six patents) is a highly accurate measurement system. Our sensors gather data in near real-time and store them in a cloud data warehouse for further analysis. We deliver granular data about visits, visitors, and dwell times via our own dashboard or delivered via the BlueZoo RESTful APIs and SQL queries.

Accurate, low cost, and privacy protecting measurement from BlueZoo is the crucial tool to help you deliver insights from analytics systems. 

To learn more, see a demo, or to book a meeting, feel free to contact us: https://www.bluezoo.io/contact.



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